Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Kestral's and Lego

So for three hours in a lecture on creative learning techniques, in which we made lego models, talked about them and then were bought coffee, I just got the hardback version of Wormwood Gentleman Corpse (a graphic novel authored and drawn all by my favourite comic: Ben Templesmith), a present for Janet and Choke by Chuck Palahnuik from Borders all of which only cost ME £2.91. To be honest, I understand more about David's (one of my lecturers who specialises in creative learning techniques, especially Lego) but I'm still not a fan of expressing ideas, thought processes and concepts through metephors using Lego. Sorry David!

On my way back however I was walking on the grass and a beautiful little Kestral flew down and landed next to me. Froze for a moment, then took a worm from the ground and flew off! It was great. I think I may have seen the same bird on campus before. (F. tinnunculus)

My Documentry photography project last week went reasonably well and I've got my Graphics project up too. Check them out!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Holidays and Dismemberment

Janet got to India in the end which is fantastic. After over a week of a delay she's there now and having a much deserved holiday. I miss her a ridiculous amount. After lectures and seminars today I've spent most of the day with James as we've planned a possible holiday for ourselves. Courtesy of Capcom Games. Capcom are running a Resident Evil 5 scavenger hunt tomorrow in London which needed to be signed up for. There are a certain amount of clues then we get to central London and search for 'Bloody Limbs' and get them to a secure location. The person/people with the most and highest scoring limbs gets an all expenses holiday to Africa. It sounds amazing. We've put a lot of work into clue solving and figuring out where these limbs are going to be and hopefully we should do well. Plus, I know the area like the back of my hand. All the times I complained that "We're a bookshop not a f*cking information bureau," has bitten me in the arse as it's payed off.

I've had a great time this past week. We got loads of footage for our Graphics project in Further TV Practice and came out with a rather gorgeous looking title sequence for a music program which we've called 'They Call us Artists' in homage to the original 'Dom Kallar oss Artista' which we got the inspiration from.

At the moment I'm typing from my dad's laptop after using the PCs at university for the past week. My computer's buggered but my good mate Alex is helping me in the repair process of that. He came round yesterday but we ended up playing Guitar Hero most of the time and we went to see The Watchmen which was fantastic! I highly recommend the film. As a result of going to the cinema however I now want to see pretty much everything we saw trailed at the cinema. With the exception of Fast and Furious 3 and Lesbian Vampire Killers which for some reason I'm very dubious of. James Corden permitting.

Hopefully tomorrow'll be a good laugh and I'll get some decent pictures. I know when Resi 5 comes out I'm going to be a we bit strapped for time. Tomorrow evening I'm going to the Rock Societies upcoming 'Sinfest' event which has been publicized for a while and the night after (on release day itself) I've got a doc. photography assesment and I'm seeing my friend Helen's band perform. Colour me Wednesday they're called.

No-one was in the house last night apart from me. So as much as I wanted to watch the movie my good friend MUAD'DIB! lent was Resident Evil Degeneration. Which I wouldn't be scarred of, those kind of films just make me paranoid about the creaking of my own house.