Monday, 16 February 2009

First Post

At the moment I'm feeling a bit rough. I've got a nasty throat infection that's making it feel like there's a stanley knife blade in there everytime I swallow. I'm quite pleased that at the moment I have no immediate coursework creeping up on me other than my documentry photography project for friday.

I got home today sometime around 5 o'clock after having a great day with Janet and her family. We went bowling, the four of us, then had lunch in Nandos. It's amazing how good you can be one minute will be gone the next in bowling. I got three strikes in a row in one game then the next...all gutterballs. I had fun though.

I can't wait for August now though. I've booked my tickets to Copenhagen and I'll be meeting Conor there, who will, I believe, be staying over the night before. I haven't seen Conor since March and it'll be great seeing him again. I got my Christmas present from him the other day and it's fantastic. It's the TPB of Ben Templesmith's comic 'Welcome to Hoxford'. The illistration, as like all Templesmith's work, is beautiful. It's weird, although the characters have nothing in common other than bothe being in prison and being 'big guys' I have some how associated Templesmith's 'Ray Delgado' a psychopathic serial killer with 'Shadow' the main character of Neil Gaiman's American Gods and have Ray's face on Shadow too now. So far great book by the way.

I've just signed up to the Capcom Europe forum after attending their Resident Evil 5 playing event in Hammersmith. I had a ball. The guys there were great.

Most importantly in my news is that my portfolio of sketches is just about at the size now where I start posting my on my blog. This isn't said blog. It's up and running, but nothing on there yet. 'Ants with Jet Engines' coming soon.

Here's a taster of what's to come.

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